About Us

What We Do

In 2022, a dynamic collaboration between interior designer Avery Solmssen and serial entrepreneur Lily Kanter led to the creation of the Averylily Design Studio, which is dedicated to transforming spaces in the Hawaiian Islands and beyond.

Avery noticed that her clients were always eager to receive recommendations for where to replenish their bedding and bath products after projects are complete. A desire to fill that need with locally-designed products that are readily available in Hawaiʻi led to the 2024 launch of the Averylily Home Collection. 

Our collection showcases high-quality move-in basics, including bedding, bath, and decor—all of which celebrate the beauty of Hawaiʻi and our dedication to the community.

Our Founders

The spark that started Averylily happened when Avery Solmssen designed a beautiful home on the Big Island. When Lily Kanter moved into the home, she instantly wanted to meet the designer. Over time, a chemistry was formed and they partnered together to create a studio that honors artisans and the local community.

Avery Solmssen

Co-Founder, Principal Designer

Avery Solmssen has been in the interior design field for 22 years. She has spent her career working independently as well as with Honolulu based design firms; most recently leaving her position as a Senior Associate Designer at Philpotts Interiors.

Lily Kanter


Lily Kanter is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the home design industry. She has founded and led three very successful companies as a cofounder and CEO in the past 20 years; including Serena & Lily, Good Mvmt, and Mill Valley Baby & Kids Home.